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Sale of Chametz

We are required to remove all Chametz, "leaven," from our homes and possessions for the duration of the celebration of Passover. That is the reason why the tradition is to search for crumbs of Chametz on the eve of the holiday with a candle and a feather. On the following morning, preceding Passover, we burn this leaven, thus symbolically proclaiming our completion of an action intended to physically remove all Chametz from our possession.

In fact, with the best effort and intention we will probably overlook some scrap of Chametz, so we proceed to ritually sell all leftover leaven. Since we no longer have ownership of this leaven, if some remains in our homes, we are nevertheless not violating the law.

The laws of this sale are rather complex and require the construction of the proper instrument for effecting the transaction. Rabbi Samuel L. Spector will undertake the sale on behalf of the synagogue and any of its membership that appropriately designate him as their agent.

This is a real sale, not a mere legal fiction and is final and irrevocable. Rabbi Samuel L. Spector will, at the end of the holiday, repurchase any Chametz from the non-Jew to whom it was sold. In order for this to be a valid legal contract, the exchange of money is mandatory. Money not used for this legal transaction will be considered Tzedakah (a donation).

I/We hereby authorize Rabbi Samuel L. Spector to dispose of all Chametz in my/our possession wherever it may be, in accordance with the requirements of Jewish Law incorporated in the special contract for the sale of Chametz.

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Sat, May 25 2024 17 Iyyar 5784