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Religious School

The role of Rafi Schwartz Religious School is to help foster an appreciation and awareness of Judaism in all its facets. Our school seeks to:   

  1. Promote the development of a Jewish identity - a belief in God, an understanding of Torah, Jewish history, philosophy, values, and culture; 
  2. A knowledge of Hebrew - ranging from the understanding of the prayer book and significant Jewish texts to conversational skills;
  3. A comprehension of the meaning of Jewish ceremonies, traditions and life-cycle events; and
  4. A long-term commitment to support actively and participate meaningfully in Jewish life.

In order to achieve these goals, Rafi Schwartz Religious School promotes an on-going partnership that includes students, school, synagogue, professionals, parents, and members of the Jewish community at large.


This curriculum works on the idea that learning should be a sequential experience. Tuned by grade and the student’s level of maturity, material is introduced sequentially to develop a knowledge base about Jewish religious belief and practice, culture, history, and Hebrew. In the process of understanding, interpreting, and challenging the materials, Jewish identity and commitment will be enhanced. Note the emphasis on comfort in the Synagogue and the observance of Shabbat, which demands the full integration of the Hebrew and Judaic Studies elements of the curriculum. Rather than mere rote recitation of Shabbat prayers, each will be translated and the different sections of the service explained and made meaningful. Also, the concept of Tikkun Olam will play a significant role in the education of our young people.

This curriculum is built on a partnership between students, teachers, and parents. To be effective, the learning that occurs in the classroom must be encouraged and supplemented at home.

Calendar & Upcoming Events

2018-2019/5779 Calendar

There are no upcoming events at this time.


Religious School Forms

To register your children for religious school, please print out our 

Congregation Kol Ami Religious School Registration 2018-2019/5779 form,

fill it out and mail to the office.

Congregation Kol Ami is the congregation for all our people, regardless of ability to afford membership dues and Religious School fees. Membership dues and Religious School fees are set at about half of their true cost in order to make them affordable to most families. If the current dues and Religious School fee levels are not affordable for you, please fill out this Combined Dues Reduction and Scholarship Application form and submit it with your renewal.

Pick up and Drop off Procedures

Religious School Staff

Cantor Bat-Sarah  Cantor/Religious School Director
 (801)484-1501 ext.28
Sarah Stein  Religious School Assistant Director
 (801)484-1501 ext.26


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