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Introduction to Jewish Life Course Schedule

June 1st — Chapter 1 — From Creation to the Edge of the Wilderness (taught by Rabbi Spector)

June 8th — Chapter 2 — The World of the Bible (taught by Tamara Kipper)

June 15th — Chapter 3 — A Heart of Many Rooms: Exploring Jewish Diversity (taught by Cantor Brown-Levy)

June 22nd — Chapter 4 — Holidays, the Great Wheel of the Jewish Year Part 1 (taught by Rabbi Spector)

June 29th — Chapter 4 — Holidays, the Great Wheel of the Jewish Year Part 2 (taught by Tamara Kipper)

July 6th — Chapter 5 — Shabbat: A Palace in Time (taught by Cantor Brown-Levy)

July 13th — Chapter 6 — When Do I Bow? (taught by Rabbi Spector)

July 20th — Chapter 7 — Passover (taught by Cantor Brown-Levy)

July 27th — No Class for Tisha B'Av

August 3rd — Chapter 8 — God: Encountering the Holy (taught by Cantor Brown-Levy)

August 10th — Chapter 9 — Talmud: Arguments for the Sake of Heaven (taught by Tamara Kipper)

August 17th — Chapter 10 — Starting Over: The Jewish High Holidays (taught by Rabbi Spector)

August 24th — Chapter 11 — Kashrut: The Original Soul Food (taught by Tamara Kipper)

August 31st — Chapter 12 — Philosophers, Poets, and Mystics: The Jewish Middle Ages (taught by Cantor Brown-Levy)

Break for High Holidays

October 19th — Chapter 13 — Love, Marriage, and Kosher Sex (taught by Rabbi Spector)

October 26th — Chapter 14 — Birth to B'nai Mitzvah: Raising a Mensch (taught by Cantor Brown-Levy)

November 2nd — Chapter 15 — A Time to Mourn: Traditions for Death, Grief, and Healing (taught by Tamara Kipper)

November 9th — Chapter 16 — Out of the Darkness: Stories from the Holocaust (taught by Cantor Brown-Levy)

November 16th — Chapter 17 — Israel Dreaming of Deliverance Part 1: Zionism (taught by Rabbi Spector)

November 23rd — No Class for Thanksgiving

November 30th — Chapter 17 — Israel Dreaming of Deliverance Part 2: Arab-Israeli Conflict (taught by Rabbi Spector)

December 7th — Chapter 18 — The Jewish Mission to Heal the World (taught by Tamara Kipper)

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Mon, May 29 2023 9 Sivan 5783