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Spruce Up Your Seder—A Pesadik Recipe Contest & Cookbook


The Cookbook
Recipe submissions are closed. Thanks to everyone who submitted their Kosher for Passover recipes! We’ve raised $870 for the joint Kol Ami & Utah Food Bank Mobile Pantry Project due to the generosity of an anonymous donor.

View our digital version of the cookbook. If you would like to continue to be involved in its creation, please participate in the contest!

All the recipes are Kosher for Passover. Learn more about what Kosher for Passover means with this guide! You may notice that some of the foods you cook regularly are already Kosher for Passover without even trying, like dry rub tilapia with oven roasted veggies. 

The Recipe Contest
A team of Kol Ami foodies and zucchini enthusiasts selected 10 recipes to compete in head-to-head matchups to win their categories! And who will judge the competition? You will, of course! Cook as many of these recipes as you want between now and the end of Passover and submit a score using the scorecard below.

Click here to get the winning, competitive recipes!

Rules for Judging

1.  All of the Kol Ami community can participate as reviewers.

2.  Reviewers must make a recipe before reviewing.

The food need not be made strictly Kosher for Passover as it is not yet Passover when the contest starts and Ingredients may be hard to find or expensive.

Reviewers are allowed to deviate from the recipe, but they should note any changes made in their review.

3.  Reviewers must submit a picture of the completed recipe (and whoever’s enjoying it) with their review using the form below, social media, email, or mail. A good picture might be included in the cookbook!

4.  Reviewers are encouraged to comment on the taste and appearance of the dish, along with effort. Is this a Seder Night centerpiece recipe, or a Passover weekday night recipe? Would you be eating this if it wasn’t Passover? In a close contest, comments may be evaluated to tie-break.

5.  Scorecards may be submitted until the day after Passover ends.

Click here to get the winning, competitive recipes!


Sun, May 9 2021 27 Iyyar 5781