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About Our B'nai Mitzvah

Dovan Lapin

Dovan Lapin

Dovan is the third generation of the Lapin family at Kol Ami. He loves traveling, video games, and building things with his little sister, Eliana. Computer and video games are what he loves doing in his spare time and wants to build that passion into his future. He also loves swimming and is on his third year as a member of the Hidden Valley Swimming Team.

Dovan has an inquisitive and perceptive mind. He learned to walk before his first birthday, at 18-months taught himself to read, and by age two was able to complete entire books. His sharp mind serves him well at Draper Park Middle School where he is in the Honors English Program and in 8th grade Honors Math. Dovan is a voracious reader and his favorite genres are fantasy and science-fiction such as Enders Game series by Orson Scott Card.

A gentle soul who possesses a deep inner strength and confidence, Dovan is just as comfortable being alone as he is with friends and family. While we don't always know what he is thinking, his words and actions speak to an individual highly aware of people and the world around him. He is always the first to open the door for his mom and his grandmas and is a loving and compassionate big brother to Eliana.

We are so proud of Dovan and can’t wait to celebrate his big day with the entire congregation. The Lapin family has deep ties to this community and the support we have received over the years has been humbling. We are very grateful to the Rabbi, the Cantor, and to all our friends and family.

Thu, November 21 2019 23 Cheshvan 5780