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About our Bar Mitzvah, Thomas Arguello

Thomas Arguello

Thomas is a very charismatic boy with a great heart. For the first five years of his life he lived in Colombia. This allowed him to learn Spanish very well and experience two different cultures and languages, broadening his skills and opening him up to new challenges and learning opportunities.

He loves to play basketball and participate in the local Junior Jazz league. He works hard to improve at his sport every day and to get to know new friends. He is happy any time he has a basketball in his hands. In his free time, he skateboards and enjoys making tortas and cheese bread with his mom and brother.

He is a responsible young man dedicated to his studies, and he has maintained his position as one of the best students in his math classes for multiple years with a capacity to quickly understand new concepts and humbly accept the praise he receives from his teachers.

As a Jew, he has had the privilege to grow and participate in Congregation Kol Ami for many years now, and it has been wonderful for him to meet other kids who share his same faith.

Thomas demonstrates his capacity to give unconditionally with a noble heart, having empathy for others, and lending his friends a hand any time they need, and learning through this that the Creator created us— like every other living being—with the purpose of giving.

Thomas would like to thank Terry Kogan, David Asman, Cantor Brown-Levy, Rabbi Spector, and the generous teachers of Kol Ami for their support as he prepares for his big day.

Sat, May 25 2024 17 Iyyar 5784