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Rabbi Transition Committee

Remember "" which many of you used quite prolifically? We now have "" for your communicating pleasure! Please email us! We answer each and every email!

So who are we? President Boaz Markewitz has asked Teresa Bruce, Nicole Fenwick, Hank Levine and Jim Isaacson to comprise the Transition Committee for Rabbi Spector's integration into our Kol Ami family, as well as our integration into his spiritual leadership. The four of us have been given excellent direction from President Boaz, which includes a strict code of confidentiality. The four of us are the only ones with access to this new email address. This is a place where you can provide candid feedback which we can discuss among ourselves and as appropriate with Rabbi Spector, while preserving dignity. It's also a forum for Rabbi Spector to confide sensitive feedback to us, which where relevant we can in turn communicate, again while preserving everyone's dignity.

It's all about communication, managing expectations and enriching all of our experiences at Congregation Kol Ami. It is our collective belief that with a new rabbi joining our family we can't communicate too much. We plan to send out short but frequent posts just like this every 1 - 2 weeks. Some will come from the Transition Committee and some with come from the Rabbi. Obviously our regular posts won't be interesting in a vacuum; we want to hear from your, your questions, your concerns, maybe even your heartwarming experiences too! We'll address it all and remember you are all part of this journey!



Sat, March 23 2019 16 Adar II 5779