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Membership Renewal

Dear Chevre/Friends,

What a year 5781 has turned out to be! Though it has been challenging in ways we could have never imagined, it has also shown us the unity and strength of our community at Congregation Kol Ami. This year to help support our programming, clergy and staff we are implementing a 5% increase in dues but we are holding the current tuition for RSRS students. We are grateful for your continued membership and your pursuit of a Jewish Education for your children!

We are asking you to complete a Member Payment Agreement (MPA) and Member Data Form (MDF). The MPA simply tells us when and how you plan to pay your dues and fees during the year. It will greatly help us to accurately budget for our fiscal year and it will provide a streamlined process for both you and our staff to manage your account. We are asking that each member household fill out the MDF so we have accurate and current information. It has been many years since we updated everyone’s account data and have noticed inaccuracies when making phone calls or sending emails. We also know that things change over time.

To renew your membership, receive your High Holiday tickets, and help ensure Congregation Kol Ami’s continued fiscal stability, please complete your MPA and MDF forms and as a reminder, minimum payment of 25% of your dues, tuition, and fees are required to receive your High Holidays tickets.


Bunk Fox Education Scholarship Fund
Even if you do not have a child in religious school your donation to this fund promotes Jewish education for our children. We are so grateful to have the Bunk Fox Education Scholarship Fund which offers Rafi Schwartz Religious School families a 25% tuition discount to ensure that religious school is accessible to all students. In the past, we have automatically shown this deduction on your religious school billing on your account. This year, however, we are offering an opt in/opt out option. RSRS families will see the full amount of religious school tuition included in your statement. If you would like to take the Bunk Fox Scholarship discount, please indicate this on the MPA. If you are able to donate back the amount of the discount and pay the full tuition costs you will help the Fund continue to support those who choose the scholarship. Please contact our Religious School Director, Tamara Kipper, with any questions.

All membership households are requested to submit the MPA prior to the beginning of our new Fiscal Year on July 1, 2021.

As our reopening progresses, we hope to see you very soon! We look forward to a new year and new beginnings as we once again come together as a community to pray, learn, and play!

Todah Rabah for your membership and support.

Lisa Kaufman, Office Manager

Member Payment Agreement (MPA)

Member Data Form (MDF)

Sun, December 5 2021 1 Tevet 5782